A total of 6106 government schools in Himachal Pradesh have less than 20 students, including 5113 primary and 993 middle schools in the state, according to a report.

According to the report, 65,973 teachers work in government schools, with 39,906 men and 26,257 women.

The state has 18,028 schools, 15,313 of which are government-run.

According to the study, there is one secondary school with a minimum of ten courses that is run by two teachers. 

There are ten schools led by three teachers, and 212 schools are run by four to six teachers.

The student-teacher ratio in primary schools is 14.68, 12.09 in middle schools, 10.38 in secondary schools, and 12.31 in senior secondary schools.

According to a report, over 6000 schools in Himachal Pradesh have fewer than 20 students.